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December Specials:
Indigestion blister pack, Be gone™ Cuts & Scrapes, Be gone™ Minor Arthritic Pain and Homeopet's Anxiety Relief.

Kits homeopathic remedy kit

Designed to provide you with a selection of our most used remedies in convenient 50 or 100 remedy kits.

WHP Be gone™

Ointments, combinations and poison ivy.

Same great remedies in easier to understand packaging.

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Nelson Bach homeopathic remedy kit

100% safe and natural and work in conjunction with homeopathy, herbs and medications.

Critter Corner

Buy HomeoPet products for your household pets and EquioPathics for on the farm.


Buy our products in and around Berkeley Springs, or in your area.

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Washington Homeopathics Pharmacy
Since 1873, WHP has been manufacturing and selling hundreds of single and combination remedies. Our remedies are produced at our Berkeley Springs, WV plant, by hand, and are used the world over to manage those day-to-day crisis. More >>

Homeopathy News
- NEW! Historic Medicine with a new face. WHP launched WHP Be gone™ at Expo West 2013. More Info >>
- WHP receives favorable letter from
FDA as a result of our efforts to comply with FDA processes and procedures
requirements. More Info >>

About HomeopathyA homeopathic dose of a natural substance (plant, animal, or mineral) which would normally cause symptoms (such as poison ivy from exposure to the poison ivy plant) in a healthy person, when given to a sick person exhibiting those symptoms, will effect a cure. More >>